Van Ply Lining

Protect your investment! Let our skilled team add hard wearing plywood panelling to shield the interior of your vehicle from the damage caused by everyday tools and material.

A vehicle full of trade tools and heavy materials can soon get damaged, with everyday driving challenges like pot holes, tight corners and sharp breaking turning your tool box into a battering ram!

Lining your commercial vehicle with hardwood ply offers the best protection, keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition so it will serve you best and then sell-on at the best price. And Scotts Commercials are the experts, completing panelling jobs with precision and skill within half a day.

But lining the van is just the start, we also offer a range of bulkheads, shelving and racking, in a variety of sizes, to keep all your gear safely stashed away when you are on the move. Tools that are free to bounce about can damage themselves and the people inside the vehicle, as well as the vehicle interior – just a small investment in some professional storage and will avoid all those big headaches.   

When it comes to the exterior of your vehicle, we also offer a range of roof racks to meet the needs of your business, to safely carry ladders, pipes, panels or tubes. You can also talk to us about vehicle security, including modifications like window grills and lockable tool boxes fitted to the floor of your vehicle to keep your most valuable tools safe. 


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